• My experience in the USA with Pursue Languages after travelling for 18 days has been very special. Not only have I improved my English but I have also met fantastic people who shared with me their way of life. Pursue Languages Thanks for the opportunity.

    • Lydia
  • Having the opportunity to host a student from Spain was a great experience for my family. We were able to develop a great relationship with our student as we learned about one another's culture and embraced differences and similarities. I thoroughly enjoyed being a host and am excited to do it again!

    • Audrey from Chicago, USA
  • Staying for a month in USA was like a dream came true. I got to meet a wonderful family that let me be part of their lives  and showed me a different  culture and a way of living. It wasn't only about improving my English, which  I did, it was also about opening my mind. I can't wait to go back

    • Fara from Spain
  • My Immersion experience in Dublin organized by Pursue Languages has been very positive. The family I stayed with for six weeks was amazing, very much involved in both full hosting services as well as my English practice,they were very kind indeed. The internship I did was also a great experience, the professionals were very committed to the objective of the program. My English has improved significantly, i definitely recommend Pursue Languages!

    • Chris M, Valencia
  • We had the pleasure of hosting a lovely, gracious woman from Spain for 3 weeks. We laughed over many translation challenges and the differences of culture. We shared our quiet , peaceful life style in the country with our city guest, and despite the difficulty of finding educational experiences in a more remote setting we bonded and shared hearts

    • Sharon, PA,USA

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